Some BNOCL staff on strike

Some staff at the Barbados National Oil Company Ltd (BNOCL) are off the job.

Deputy general secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) and lead negotiator, Dwaine Paul, said it was an “unfortunate situation” that could have been prevented.

Some of the issues are dating back two years, he added, and the frustration led to workers withdrawing their services today at Woodbourne, Christ Church.  

“We are awaiting a meeting with management to discuss these issues. These issues range from matters related to pay, working conditions equipment, and general treatment. It is really and truly unfortunate that in 2024, workers need to take industrial action on matters of safety, matters of equipment to do work for which there are contracted, matters in relation to pay for which they are entitled to were promised, but yet not delivered, and met with no feedback from those in authority, except to say that they were traveling.”

Paul said the workers had the full support of the Union, and he was awaiting the results of the meeting before the next course of action, but there was no guarantee the workers would be back on the job today or even tomorrow.  (SAT)

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