‘Smoke and mirrors’

Government’s denial of any knowledge of the apprehension of Trinidad and Tobago national Brent Thomas without an extradition request, is not sitting well with the lawyers representing Thomas.

Statement on the matter by Attorney General Dale Marshall read in Parliament on Tuesday, Thomas’ attorney Jose Young, pointed out that Trinidad and Tobago’s Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley also denied knowledge of the operation, which was characterised as an “abduction” by a High Court Judge in the twin-island republic.

Young said: “I believe citizens of both nations grow weary of their leaders repeatedly stating that ‘they did not know’. The idea that such significant

actions were beyond the knowledge of top officials is hard to believe. . . People deserve the truth, and right now, the constant use of excuses and denials appear to be more a game of smoke and mirrors than providing real answers,” Young said.

In his statement, Marshall said that “at no time until just over a week ago, was either the Honourable Prime Minister of Barbados or myself informed of, or in any other way made aware of, any matter relating to Mr Brent Thomas.

“Neither of us was consulted by anyone prior to or at the time when Mr Thomas was taken from Barbados in October of 2022. The first time that either of us became aware of any of the events relating to Mr Thomas was after the matter broke in the press in Trinidad just over a week ago,” he said.

Marshall added: “We simply had no knowledge nor involvement in this matter. This is not unusual as these matters are operational, and such requests for surveillance by another law enforcement arm or for arrests of individuals do not fall within our purview.”(CM)

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