Skerrit promises to forge ahead with plans

Roseau – Roosevelt Skerrit was sworn in Wednesday as the Prime Minister of Dominica for a record six consecutive term, promising to forge ahead with the “reset” plans that provided the blueprint for calling a general election two years ahead of the constitutional deadline.

Skerrit, 50, led his ruling Dominica Labour Party (DLP) to a convincing 19-2 majority on Tuesday in the 21-seat Parliament in an election that was boycotted by the main opposition political parties, complaining about the lack of electoral reform and a clean voters list.

“Citizens, friends and residents, I am truly humbled by this opportunity to resume and properly conclude my stint,” said Skerrit, who first came to office in 2004, but has already hinted of stepping down in two years’ time.

“I want you to understand that whatever it shall bring, I shall always remain an ambassador for the growth and development of Dominica, and I underscore a true ambassador,” Skerrit said in a brief speech after he was sworn into office by President Charles Savarin at the State House on the outskirts of the capital.

“I thank you once again for this expression of confidence and I pledge to do all in my power to propel our glorious nation to sustain growth, progress and prosperity for all in a peaceful and idyllic environment,” he said, indicating that his Cabinet would be sworn into office on December 13.

He told the ceremony that his DLP had taken its case to the voters and “was rewarded…with a resounding victory in elections I am confident shall be deemed credible, free and fair reflecting the will of the people of Dominica.

He said he had sought a fresh mandate to help rebound the economy of the island, battered in previous months by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and natural disasters as well as ongoing global acts of terror and economic warfare.

“To me this is the ultimate expression by the people of Dominica of their continued confidence in the philosophy, policies and programmes of the Dominica Labour Party. I wish to assure voters, residents and citizens home and abroad that we are eternally grateful for this show of support. And I shall strive to honour and meet their expectations.”

He said this support has given the incoming government the opportunity to pursue “with vigour the national reset I indicated in my address to the nation on November 6 when I announced the calling of general elections in Dominica”.

As he did, following the election results on Tuesday night, Skerrit said he would be meeting with all the candidates who contested the elections as well as the political leader of the United Workers Party (UWP), Dr Thompson Fontaine, as he seeks to bring all stakeholders together for the future socio-economic development of the country. (CMC)

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