Shoppers selective

The Social Compact by Government, the private sector and labour designed to keep mark-ups down on certain items, ended on July 31.

Nation News spoke to several shoppers this past week, and many said they were now more selective about what they bought and shopped around for the best prices.

“Every month you’re buying the same things but the prices going up. You have to buy some things when they on special or leave them out. I have to buy bacon in bulk and cereal is a luxury. You can still get what you want but you have to cut down on the sizes,” said Kay Craigg who was shopping at Popular.

In the Massy Warrens car park, St Michael, Joy-Ann Cox said toiletries were too expensive when those items should be “the cheapest things in the supermarket”. She said pampers for children and adult diapers had gone up by “nuff”, but were necessary buys.

Phase One of the Compact was introduced last September for six months. Phase two ran from February 13 to July 31 and included items such as corned beef, tuna, milo, sliced ham, toilet paper, sanitary napkins, ramen, roll-on and more. (Nation News)

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