Seale knocks fast food attitude

Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Alliston Seale has lambasted “the fast food” approach to life and work, saying it was responsible for young people committing crime.

“We have a society now that seems to believe there is a certain entitlement. We have grown into a society of fast food, fast cars, fast everything. I want it now. No one wants to work,” Seale said.

He also suggested that parents should be held responsible for the actions of their deviant children.

“As parents we have the responsibility to do the right thing. So that is why they will get vex with me because I believe there should be a parent prison – vicarious responsibility. If parents are honest, they would admit they dropped the ball.”

The senior prosecutor was speaking as he made submissions on sentence in the case against four then teenagers who had confessed in the No 4 Supreme Court to the manslaughter of bread vendor Hayden Mayers, who was at Mansion Road, Bank Hall. (HLE)

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