School bullies get suspended terms

The three former Princess Margaret Secondary School students whose “skylarking and bullying” led to the death of a fellow student were each given suspended sentences when they reappeared in the No. 2 Supreme Court yesterday.

However, the judge has warned that the case should not act as a marker or precedent for other matters.

“The court now realises these are young adults. They have proceeded with their lives and the court is of the opinion that while it is a serious offence, it has to take consideration of their ages at the time.

“All of them were 14 and under. Some of them may even have been 12. The court has to take into consideration all of these matters,” Justice Randall Worrell stressed yesterday.

“This court is of the opinion that in the circumstances of this case, it would be appropriate – and this is not to be any marker or any precedent for any similar case – but it would be appropriate in the circumstances of this case that each of you face a period of imprisonment, but that is going to be suspended,” he told the three as he sentenced each to three years in prison but suspended it for two years. (HLE)

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