Rock Hard looking to expand

Even as one of the major players in the cement market has announced cuts at its plant, another is looking to expand.

Mark Maloney, executive chairman of Rock Hard Cement, said the company would be positioning to be able to supply the demand.

Mark Maloney. (FILE)

“The sector has faced challenges over the last two years with increased material and shipping costs, as well as increased demand internationally. However, we continue to re-invest in the cement industry and can assure the public of our ability to ensure they will be able to access quality cement and that the cost of construction remains affordable.”

Rock Hard was currently supplying about 50 000 tonnes a year, Maloney said, while overall demand was around 75 000 tonnes.

The expansion comes as the Arawak Cement Plant announced it would be cutting 123 of the 175 jobs and focusing on clinker production and meeting local demand. (Nation News)

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