Roadworks stand

Government has a limited budget to conduct road repairs each year, so there is careful consideration in determining which ones are to be fixed, and it has nothing to do with politics.

Chief Technical Officer Cheryl Bennett-Inniss said both a scientific and hierarchical approached were employed across Barbados’ extensive road network. 

Last year, members of the public queried why the section of the ABC Highway between the Clyde Walcott and Norman Niles Roundabouts was being repaired, while others were in considerably worse shape.

However, Bennett-Inniss said the highway, as the most frequently used in the country, would continue to be a top priority.

“There are other highways that are up there as well – the Mighty Grynner Highway, Charles Duncan O’neal Highway. . . . However, [ABC] is our premium highway. It sees the most traffic [in comparison to] any of our roads on any day.

“Every road in Barbados is important to us because it gives you access to your homes, schools, work and recreational places, but with the limited funds that we have, you have to put them in order of priority and that is based on how they are used and by how many people. That gives you a better understanding of the value of the road,” she explained. (Nation News)

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