Road pleas renewed

Founder of Barbados’ Bike Hash House Harriers, Francie Ammon, is calling for stiffer penalties for motorists as she bemoaned the users who “don’t want to share” the road.

Ammon, who revealed another cyclist was seriously injured recently, said not everyone respected the request to leave at least 1.5 metres between them and riders even though there were signs posted on some roads.

“There was an initial improvement but I think that was due to COVID and the fact that there were fewer cars on the road, and the Government did put up the signs because they were needed and they made a difference.

“However there is still animosity between motorists and cyclists because the [drivers] think they own the roads and they don’t want to share,” she said.

She was speaking on Sunday evening at the Barbados Trailway in Salters, St George, where relatives, friends and representatives paid tribute to Melanie Watts, who died on March 12, 2021, after being involved in a collision while riding her bike. (Nation News)

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