Road collapse causing concern

At least one resident near Walkers Main Road, St George, is not confident the partially collapsed road will be fixed any time soon.

Over the weekend, the Ministry of Transport, Works and Water Resources (MTWW) issued a statement appealing to motorists to reduce their speed when travelling through the area in the vicinity of the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah Witnesses, as a section of the road collapsed on November 27.

The man, who did not give his name, said officials from MTW visited the area but “nothing is getting done”.

“This happened last week. The problem is a lot of fully laden heavy-duty vehicles pass here and a lot of water passes under there where the road broke off. At first, people here had to put up a can and tape after some drivers almost had an accident . . . . After that, MTW came,” he said.

“The way MTW works, that will still be there by March next year. People from MTW kept coming and looking at it but nothing is getting done.” (Nation News)

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