Renewable energy systems ready to go

Six months after Government declared it a right for Barbadian households to own and install renewable energy systems up to ten kilowatts (kW), the mechanism for access is now ready.

Yesterday the Ministry of Energy officially launched its online registration process, a four-minute process following which householders will immediately receive their registration certificate which they can take to the Barbados Light & Power Company to ensure connectivity to the grid.

Details of the online portal were disclosed by chief energy conservation and renewable energy officer, William Hinds, who explained that the aim is to get 50 000 householders on board in the initial phase. Thus far, just over 4 000 households and businesses have made the investment in renewable energy, particularly photovoltaic (PV).

Previously, homeowners of renewable energy systems 5kW and above were required to have a licence under the Electric Light and Power Act. This licence attracted an application and licence fee that had to be paid by the householder. The Right to Renewable Energy policy will effectively raise this threshold to system sizes up to 10kW, removing the licensing requirement. (CLM)

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