‘Real manifesto’ coming tonight, says De Peiza

There are reports that a copy of the Democratic Labour Party’s (DLP) manifesto is being circulated online, hours before its official launch Thursday night at the Wayne Daniel Pavilion in Brereton, St Philip.

Party president and St Lucy candidate in the January 19 General Election, Verla De Peiza, reacted swiftly with a recorded message.

“It has come to my attention that an unedited copy of the DLP manifesto is circulating online, hours before we were to launch our plan for Barbados. The real copy will be released at Brereton tonight,” she said.

“This is yet another desperate move by our opponents. I am heartened to witness this level of fear that our resurgence has put in the hearts of those who don’t want democracy.”

De Peiza said “Barbadians must send a strong message to all those who want to keep a one-party state” and urged people to “get out and vote on January 19”.

In the 2018 General Election, both parties complained of their manifesto being leaked. A draft copy of the BLP’s began circulating about two months before the election was called and the DLP’s was also released before its official launch.  (SAT)


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