Re-sentenced killer seeking to appeal

The attorney for re-sentenced killer Winston Alexander is contending that he did not have access to an attorney at the time he was filing his appeal.

As a result, said attorney Stephen Lashley, the Court of Appeal should grant Alexander leave to file his appeal even though the time in which he should have done so had passed.

Alexander, formerly of No. 3, Shrewsbury, St Philip, had been found guilty, in 2012, of murdering Estephan Didas, formerly of Silver Hill Tenantry, Christ Church, on August 27, 2009. He had been sentenced to hang.

However, Alexander was one of a number of convicted murderers who were ordered re-sentenced in the wake of a June 2018 Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) ruling that a section of the Offences Against The Person Act, which allowed for the mandatory death sentence, was unconstitutional, and that Section 11 of the Constitution, which gave the right to the protection of the law, was enforceable. (HLE)

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