Police launch investigation into Mason Hall Street incidents

The Barbados Police Service has launched an investigation into two carjacking incidents – one successful – which occurred on Mason Hall Street, The City, on Saturday night.

One man was able to escape, but a man and a woman had their vehicle stolen by a man carrying a Glock with a laser.

News of the incident made the rounds via Whatsapp voice notes, with the man recounting what occurred to him.

In one note, the speaker said when he drove through the area on Saturday night just after 10, a man pointed a laser with a Glock at him, but he was able to escape by accelerating and crouching. He said he called the police emergency number 211 to report the matter, and the officer allegedly asked him ‘what he supposed to do?’

He went to CID to report the matter, and while there, a couple came in stating their car had been stolen in the same area.

In a recorded statement, police inspector Stephen Griffith said they were aware of the two incidents and have launched an investigation.

“With respect to the allegation that the police acted irresponsibly when the incident was reported, a senior police officer has been appointed to investigate the complaint,” Griffith said.

“The Barbados Police Service will continue to serve and protect this country at the highest level” he added, while appealing to members of the public with information to contact them. (SAT)

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