Police in Jamaica launch probe into reports of identity theft

Kingston – The Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigations Branch (C-TOC) has launched a probe, following several reports of identity theft.

In a statement, the Police’s Communication Unit said investigators are aware that unscrupulous people have been using the photographs and names of several people on social media platforms to conduct illegal activities.

Among the people impersonated is Superintendent Hopeton Nicholson, whose name and photographs have been used to create fake pages on several platforms, including dating sites.

According to the cops, the criminals have been using the name and photographs of the superintendent and others to create fake pages on several platforms and dating sites.

It’s reported that the victims, believing that they were communicating with the senior cop, have been lured to various places across the corporate area and the parishes of St Catherine and St Mary where they are tricked, robbed and in some instances, sexually assaulted.

So far, investigators have identified 11 people across three parishes who fell victim to these illegal activities.

The police say Nicholson has stated that the accounts connected to these criminal incidents do not belong to him.

He is reportedly cooperating with investigators from the Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigations Branch and other detectives from across various divisions.

The police are appealing to people to be extremely vigilant when communicating with others online, especially those they are meeting for the first time in the digital space. (CMC)

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