Police handling of cell phone probe ‘not good enough’

Commissioner of police Richard Boyce’s six-month update on investigations into a cell phone taped under a desk in an interview room of a police station, is not going over well with some defence lawyers.

Outspoken senior attorney-at-law, Andrew Pilgrim, KC, said this was yet another in a long list of examples of the “police’s inability to investigate themselves”.

This was a position endorsed by fellow senior counsel Michael Lashley, KC, whose junior attorney, Faith Greaves, was speaking to a client when the cell phone allegedly dislodged from under the desk.

“It is difficult to put confidence in the police to investigate their own because they have shown over the years a complete inability to be willing to find that police are responsible for nefarious conduct.

“In fact, I am willing to stick my neck out and say that during the course of my 30 years or more at the Bar, I have never heard the police of their own accord doing an investigation and finding their officers to be responsible for anything wrong,” Pilgrim said.  (CLM)

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