Police called in at Good Shepherd Primary School

Parents of students at Good Shepherd Primary School were called to return for their children shortly after dropping them off yesterday, as police carried out investigations into a serious matter which allegedly involved female teachers being threatened by a male member of staff.

Communications specialist in the Ministry of Education Gaynelle Marshall told the Saturday Sun that the school in Fitts Village, St James, was closed early and investigations into a matter were ongoing.

Around 10:30 a.m., parents and guardians were seen picking up their children, with many saying they were given no explanation as to why they were called to return for their charges early.

The front gates to the school were locked, and a guard was seen observing the proceedings as children and teachers camped out under trees on the adjacent playing field.

A source at the school said: “A man who is also a member of staff issued a threat in a school chat to the female teachers. He said he is going to send spiritual forces at the school today to injure or hurt all the female teachers and a couple of other things, like the female teachers would be damaged or something would happen to them today if they entered the school building, which would have scared most of the staff.

“As you can imagine, most of the teachers are females, so the teachers decided to assemble outside the school this morning awaiting instructions. The guy . . . just had the teachers down there panicking. The police were called and they arrived and are currently trying to locate the staff member.”

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