Petition to save Independence Day

A petition has been started to “Save Barbados Independence Day” on November 30.

President of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), Dr Ronnie Yearwood, started the petition on, and at the time off writing, it had attracted just over 1 500 signatures.

Click here to see the petition. 

“The People of Barbados are calling on the Government of Barbados to reverse this hasty and unwanted decision to rename Independence Day. As a Nation we will not stand aside and allow our Nation’s history and the legacy of the Nation’s founding to be erased.

“Sign this public petition to let the Prime Minister and our Members of Parliament, and the world know that we Barbadians want our Independence Day to stay as Independence Day!”

On Tuesday, Minister of Home Affairs Wilfred Abrahams announced November 30 would now be known as Barbados National Day in acknowledgement of both Independence Day and Republic Day.

There was swift reaction on social media with many stating they did not support the move and calling for a reversal.

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In response, Prime Minister Mia Mottley said she had seen the comments, but “Barbados National Day on November 30 allows us to celebrate both the attainment of Independence and the attainment of becoming a Parliamentary Republic with a native Barbadian as President. The fact is our Independence from Britain is not being rewritten from our history. We can allay the fears of those who are concerned about that. But equally we have to celebrate the election of our first President.” (SAT)


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