Partial road closures in The City

The Barbados Tourism Investment Inc. has advised the public that there will be partial road closures in Bridgetown on June 4, 7, 18, and 28, from 11 a.m. to noon each day, to facilitate the Changing of the Sentry.

The partial road closures involve Broad Street and Trafalgar Street, from the junction of Broad Street and Prince William Henry Street (at the traffic lights), to the junction of Trafalgar Street and Marhill Street (at the traffic lights).

The Changing of the Sentry is an effort to promote Barbados’ heritage and cultural tourism initiatives.

The colourful French-styled uniforms worn by the sentries are called ‘Zouave’ uniforms. The uniform was originally worn by French Algerian tribe soldiers who had been incorporated into the French army in 1856. Queen Victoria was so impressed by the uniform while attending a parade in 1856 in Paris, France, that she decided one of her regiments should also wear it. One of the two regiments chosen to wear the uniform was the West India Regiment. (PR)

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