Parents warned against vaccinating children against COVID-19

Several epidemiologists are warning parents against getting their children vaccinated against COVID-19.

Furthermore, they believe that since many fully vaccinated were hospitalised, the current vaccines have become “obsolete”.

Those points were made by United States cardiologist and epidemiologist Dr Peter McCullough, Trinidadian clinical epidemiologist Dr Paul Alexander and eschatologist Dr Michael McDowell during a press conference entitled Considering Current Global Pandemic Trends, are COVID-19 Vaccines Necessary for Children and the wider Barbadian Population?  The event was organised by the Spiritually Aware Group Barbados.

Alexander said not enough was said about the side effects of taking the vaccine including the risk of stroke, Bell’s palsy and death.

He stressed that parents should think hard about the decision.

“The key concern is the push to vaccinate our children. Children bring statistical zero risk to the table in terms of becoming infected, spreading to children, to adults or becoming severely ill.

“Children are not candidates for these vaccines and they have innate immunity that handles COVID well, so why push to vaccinate our children when they bring zero risk to the table and the vaccine confers no additional benefit and skews towards harm?” Alexander asked.

He is currently in Canada advocating for truck drivers as part of the Freedom Convoy, which is an ongoing protest there against COVID-19 vaccine requirements for truckers to re-enter the country by land. The mandate was introduced by the government of Canada on January 15.

Dr Peter McCullough (GP)

Similarly, McCullough who has been vocal about his support for the removal of various COVID-19 and vaccine mandates, described the vaccines as obsolete.

“Many countries are lifting all the mandates, the vaccines are considered obsolete and even the World Health Organisation has warned against boosters. At this point, the vaccines have not been adjusted to cover Delta or Omicron. . . and if there are vaccines that come forward now that Omicron is over, we anticipate those will be obsolete as well,” McCullough said.

He also cited statistics provided by the Center for Disease Control’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), to support his argument.

“The vaccines have been demonstrated to not be sufficiently safe for human use. We’ve had far too many people die immediately after the vaccine and we’ve had over 40 000 people permanently disabled from the vaccine. Those numbers are simply too high and those were reported to us from the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). The data are the same in the British Yellow card system and the European system.

“Now we’ve just finished the Omicron outbreak and a recent analysis from our colleagues from Southern California Berkeley has shown 76 per cent of people with Omicron is hospitalized, showing that the vaccine isn’t working in the United States. It hasn’t been working in Israel, Germany and Denmark,” he added.

During the press conference, McDowell said he was pleased that the vaccine mandates narrative was crumbling. He said he was hopeful the domino effect would reach the Caribbean soon.

While making it clear that they were not anti-vaxxers, Barbadian Senior Pastor Dr Ferdinand Nicholls questioned why people who spoke out against government policies were labelled as misinformers.

“When I look at the facts and science, it would appear to me that often our Government officials are more involved in misinformation than anyone else on the planet.

“Why is it that anyone who does not agree with the narrative of governmental officials is concerned to be false information, de-platformed, censored or not engaged?” Nicholls asked. (TG)

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