Nurse: Mottley in pain for long time

A nurse with 18 years’ experience told a Coroner’s Inquest yesterday that while she was on duty last year, her patient Warren Mottley complained about pain for a lengthy period and was given medication to relieve the discomfort over a 12-hour span.

Kathleen Brathwaite testified that as Mottley’s blood pressure continued to drop, his oxygen saturation levels fluctuated and his pulse rate increased, his doctor continued to treat the patient and started a differential diagnosis to find out the cause of the issues.

Brathwaite was being intensely questioned by King’s Counsel Sir Elliott Mottley, who told the nurse he was trying to find out why a patient would complain for such a long period about pain, continue to deteriorate through the night but no diagnosis was reached.

Warren Mottley, the younger brother of Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley, died at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital on June 29 last year from sepsis brought on by an infection, a couple of days after he had undergone laparoscopic surgery. (BA)


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