‘No crisis among men’

There is no crisis among young males in Barbados, says principal psychologist with Centre for Solution and Influence for Men and Fathers, Dr Anthony Cummins.

Instead, the country was witnessing “a small percentage of persons that are given to deviant behavior”, Cummins stated, during a day of sporting activities hosted by the group at the QEH club on International Men’s Day, yesterday.

“If we create the type of activity that will attract men, we see a number of these problems reduced. Now that we are coming out of the pandemic, men are desperate for something to do, some of them are not working and they can’t take care of their families. Men have egos and if [a man] can’t take care of his family and doesn’t have money in his pocket, he is likely to do something negative to get it. It is as simple as that,” he said.

“We are made and created to be leaders, we are made and created to be providers and we are made and created to be protectors, so we must find a positive manner to channel those base instincts.

Cummins made it clear that while he believed there was hope for current youth offenders, emphasis must be on ensuring that the next generation of young men was not doomed to repeat the same mistakes. (Nation News)


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