‘No change’ to policy of wearing masks

Barbados has not changed its requirement that everyone in public wear masks.

Chief Medical Officer, The Most Honourable Dr Kenneth George made that clear earlier today, during a press briefing to update the country on the current COVID-19 environment.

“People are tired because of COVID-19 fatigue. Mask wearing is not universal. But there has been no change to the mask wearing policy from the Ministry of Health,” George advised during a press conference this morning.

“Masks still provide the best protection for you and your family, therefore it is a requirement,” he said while speaking about the level of responsibility that needs to be shown by Barbadians in the coming months.

George had earlier revealed that the ministry had identified an increase in cases over the last month, and reminded Barbadians that at no stage had public health officials said community spread no longer existed on the island.

“People have relaxed, and we know there is no curfew and some things may be happening probably unbeknownst to the COVID-19 Monitoring Unit. They can’t be every place. We also had a recent cricket English tour but we have to find a line to walk somewhere in the middle of the road where liberties will not be trampled on but public health will play a role,” the public health specialist said.

He noted that it is important that if Barbados were to return to some normalcy, that sports and many other social events need to resume.

“I’m a supporter of cultural events starting in Barbados, however, it must be done in a situation understanding risk, and protecting yourself. The Ministry of Health is here to hold your hand, and guide the process. We are in this for the long haul,” George said.

He also pleaded for more Barbadians to take the route of vaccination as the way to protect themselves from serious illness or hospitalisation due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

“If you haven’t been boosted, go get boosted,” George said. (BA)

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