NIS looking at paternity benefit

The Ministry of Labour, Social Security and the Third Sector is seriously considering a paternity leave provision for the labour code which in turn triggers a paternity benefit from the National Insurance Scheme (NIS).

This is coming from the actuary with the National Insurance Board, Derek Osborne, as he reacted to a suggestion from audience member Nicholas Hartmann during the third NIS town hall meeting this week.

It was held at Princess Margaret Secondary School, Six Roads, St Philip, on Thursday evening under the theme: How Can We Revitalise The National Insurance Scheme – For Us, Our Children And Grandchildren?.

The other meetings were at Combemere School on Monday and Alexandra School on Wednesday.

“If [a young] father has to stay home for the most critical six weeks after birth, then you must take on the responsibility of the newborn. That has a wider impact than just staying home. You are taking on the responsibility of the next generation [in context of the NIS and paternity benefits],” Hartmann told the panel comprising NIS chairman Leslie Haynes QC, his deputy Rawdon Adams and NIS director Kim Tudor. (JS)

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