NHC: Display houses can be expanded

Many of the people who visited the National Housing Corporation’s (NHC) display house in Queen’s Park last Thursday said it was too small, but manager of customer service Roger Coppin says size should not matter in the long run.

The NHC held its third viewing of the hardwood display home in Queen’s Park, and the second for its steel house in Scotts Gap, St Michael. The wood house is made of greenheart, concrete board, purpleheart and wallaba wood and is a two-bedroom, one-bathroom house.

Cecilia Walrond said the compact design was a turnoff for her as the dining room, kitchen and living area was one room.

“For me, this is too small. My queen-sized bed wouldn’t fit in here, plus having all these rooms in one is a no-no for me. I will continue looking and see if the HOPE (Home Ownership Providing Energy) project has anything better,” she said. (CA)


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