New rules governing liquor licences from Friday

Applicants for liquor licences will no longer have to go through the tedious process of a court application to obtain a licence, from Friday.

The Liquor Licences Act 2021, intended to modernise the system for the issuing of liquor licences and regulate the sale and supply of alcohol, goes into effect and application for a liquor licence will be made on line.

However, applicants challenged by the use of technology will be allowed to apply in person at nine designated post offices where support and assistance will be given.

Minister of Energy and Business Development Kerry Symmonds outlined the new liquor licensing regime at a media conference this morning. He said the move was part of Government’s intention to make doing business easier, particularly for small business people.

Criminal sanctions for transgressions applicable under the previous Act will be replaced by the imposition of fines. In addition, the legal age at which alcohol can be purchased moves from 16 to 18.

The new legislation makes provision for several classes of licences to be issued. Among them, a seasonal licence, where liquor is to be sold at events occurring over a period not exceeding three months; a special occasion licence, where liquor is to be sold at an event over a period not exceeding 24 hours; an entertainment licence where liquor is to be sold at any place of entertainment; and a members’ club licence where liquor is to be sold at a club to members of the club or to any other person. (GC)

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