New reservoir, but more work to be done

The reservoir at Castle Grant has been officially commissioned and is expected to bring water relief to thousands of households in St Joseph, St Andrew and St Thomas.

But Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Water Resources Santia Bradshaw is also asking residents to temper expectations given the age of other infrastructure.

“I know it seems like when we erect these structures we solve the problem, but because the infrastructure is so old, because our mains are [more than] 100 years old, sometimes when we solve one problem . . . we may end up in a situation where we have bursts along the line. It is important people understand . . . there are still going to be issues as we try to accelerate the works programme and, therefore, I continue to ask Barbadians to be patient,” she said.

The Castle Grant reservoir, which was completed at a cost of $4million in about 15 months, was officially commissioned in St Joseph on Friday evening during a ceremony which included Attorney General (AG) and Member of Parliament Dale Marshall, Parliamentary Secretary Dr Romel Springer as well as members of Preconco Limited, Adams Consulting International Inc., the Barbados Water Authority and residents of the area. (Nation News)


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