New Central Bank Governor on the job

The newest Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados, Dr Kevin Greenidge, is promising to continue the tradition of excellence set by his predecessors.

Greenidge reported for duty on Wednesday morning with a smile on his face.

He was greeting by chief, corporate communications, Novaline Brewster and chief security officer Lt Cmdr (ret.) Carson Hackett.

Later, settled into his office with the stunning view of The City, including his alma mater Harrison College as a backdrop, Greenidge said it felt “amazing” to be there.

“It is great to be home. I feel like I have come back home. Remember I spent 17 years here at the Bank. I started my economist career right here at the Central Bank as a research officer, so I feel privileged, humbled, blessed and all those kinds of adjectives for the opportunity to come back and serve my country and to lead this amazing institution.”

Greenidge, 54, was a senior economist at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington, but spent the last four years seconded to the Government of Barbados as a senior economic advisor.

He believes his appointment comes at a time when Barbados’ economy has good prospects, but he will also continue to ensure the health and stability of the financial system, protect the exchange rate, give advice to Government and educate the Barbadian public on financial matters.

The Bank’s reputation as a stable and credible institution must also be preserved.

“While it is not an easy task . . . I believe that those who have gone before me, the last seven Governors have made it easier for me to come and hopefully, step into the path that they have created and to bring my own approach to it, but to build on that.”

Car washer Anthony Inniss was elated. He has known the Greenidge since he was a boy. He recalled when Greenidge left the Bank, he said he would return as Governor.

“I knew this was coming. He is a down-to-earth man. He don’t look down on nobody; he would stand up and talk to the average man.” (SAT)


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