Netball ‘at crossroads’

Netball has made a backward step and is crying out for a new strategic plan and focus after the calamity of the Commonwealth Games.

Former national coach Alwyn Babb told Weekend Sport the poor results from the Commonwealth Games were a wake-up call for netball officialdom, who must move quickly to devise a plan to transform the fortunes of the Barbados team.

Babb says the time has come for the Barbados Netball Association (BNA) to make some tough decisions.

“We just were not ready for the Commonwealth Games from fitness to skill level. A critical analysis has to be done and where we went wrong. The skill level in the team has deteriorated.

“We have to look at our defensive and attacking strategy. There has to be an assessment of the technical component as well as speed and endurance. I am really concerned with the regularity we are losing our centre passes.” (MK)

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