Neighbours plead guilty after fight

Magistrate Deidre Mckenna ordered three feuding neighbours to return to court tomorrow to meet with a probation officer, after they pleaded guilty to using unlawful violence at Vauxhall Road, Christ Church, a public place, on September 19 and that their conduct was such that it would cause anyone of reasonable firmness present to fear for their safety.

The trio, Shakira Clarke, 35, who is unemployed; her son Kyirico Clarke, a 16-year-old student, both of Lot 4 Briar Hall Gardens; and Audrick Trotman, 50, a painter of 2nd Avenue Vauxhall, Christ Church, all went before the Oistins  Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

Trotman’s swollen left cheek was noticeable when he entered court, but even more so was the white bandage on the back of each of Shakira Clarke’s arms.

The facts revealed that the neighbours have been in an ongoing dispute about trespassing on Trotman’s premises. (SD)

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