Murder accused: It wasn’t me

Murder accused Hakeem Roberto Straker said he is not the man who shot Damian Trotman on March 21, 2019 at Sheraton Centre, Christ Church.

From the dock in the No. 3 Supreme Court yesterday, Stuart, 24, recalled his version of what happened that day.

Stuart, of Shelbourne Gap, St Lawrence, also in Christ Church, has pleaded not guilty to killing 32-year-old Trotman in the food court area of the mall.

“Before I was arrested, I did not bathe, I did not wash my hands, neither was I wet. I have never been convicted of any criminal offences. I did not shoot Damian Trotman,” he stated.

Stuart, who lowered his mask for the first time since the trial began, said that on the day in question his father collected him to do some business with him and he was dressed in a pair of red shoes, red pants and a red two-toned shirt.  (RA)


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