Mum mourns loss of ‘fun-loving’ son

Ronda Shorey is no stranger to death but nothing could have prepared her for the loss of one of her children.

The general worker at Westbury Cemetery is mourning the loss of her son, 25-year-old George Andrew Carrington of 3rd Avenue, Parris Gap, Westbury Road, St Michael.

Police said they received the report around 7:45 on Friday night. Carrington, who was also known as “Georgie” or “Georgie Porgie”, was riding a scooter along President Kennedy Drive when it was involved in a collision with a car, which had four occupants. Carrington was pronounced dead at the scene.

The deceased youth was named after his father, who is also George Carrington, a soil technician at Westbury. He was sitting with friends and family at a spot near where his son was killed. However, he said he was too distraught to speak. (CA)

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