MP apologises to residents

Government representatives on Friday night admitted they erred in the handling of the proposed redevelopment project for St Lawrence Gap, Christ Church.

During a packed town hall meeting at the nearby St Lawrence Primary School, Minister of Housing and Lands, Dwight Sutherland, and Minister of Energy, Kerrie Symmonds, said residents should have been consulted before hearing about the proposals in the media.

The plans have been in train since the early 200s and require the acquisition of 25 parcels of land in the Gap, Dover, Bath Village and Paradise.

“I apologise profusely on behalf of the ministry because you should have received letters. I speak under correction, but I think letters were sent in 2004, but I don’t think any letters were sent now, and I join with Mr Symmonds and I apologise on behalf of the ministry,” Sutherland said.

“However, rest assured, we will not bring any ugly monstrosities into St Lawrence Gap because we need to attract people.”

Symmonds added: “All of this has not been without blemish. When people live in a community, they expect the courtesy to be extended to them,” he said. (Nation News)


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