Minnis knocks crime response in The Bhamas

Nassau – Former prime minister Dr Hubert Minnis is predicting that the  Bahamas will record another murder record  and he is blaming the government’s failed handling of crime.

Contributing to the debate on the National Investment Funds Bill in Parliament Minnis, who was swept out of power in September last year, told legislators that “in the first full year of the Davis administration, we are nearing a national murder record.

“Nearly 130 have been murdered this year thus far. The violence in New Providence is out of control. Investors and tourists could be less likely to come here and spend their money if this administration does not get a handle on the situation,” he told Parliament.

So far this year, 125 are reported to have been murdered as compared with 119 for the entire 2021.

Minnis was critical of Prime Minister Phillip Davis’ response to crime, saying that he has failed to address the issue even on “the rare occasion when he is in The Bahamas”.

Minnis said it is “disgraceful” that the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) government has not been able to create a workable crime plan adding that his promised “Blueprint for Change”  to combat crime has been a failure.

“In fact, citizens of the Bahamas can see no effective crime response at all from this prime minister and his administration,” Minnis said, adding that innocent bystanders and children have fallen victim to incidents where criminals have caused violence.

“Bahamians want to live in peaceful communities. They want to raise their families in a place of law and order. But the government themselves are not following the law.” (CMC)

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