McConney: No one will be turned away

Minister of Education Kay McConney says the Summer Nutrition (SuN) Programme, which has attracted 7 448 campers, started without a hitch, and she expects more students and organisations to partner with the cause by the end of the week.

“Other camps have reached out to the ministry wanting to partner with us as part of the SuN programme and have already gotten on board. We expect to see those numbers grow, because while these are the numbers that have actually registered, the reality is that we have a number of others that will come and registration will be done on the spot.

“Those who are registering on the spot, we expect those numbers to grow by the next several days. We are ready and prepared and have more than enough; no one will be turned away,” she said.

The lunch and learn programme targeted students at nursey, primary, secondary, special needs, private or public schools, at 48 nutrition centres.

Yesterday, McConney, Chief Education Officer Dr Ramona Archer-Bradshaw, Director of Education Reform Dr Idamay Denny, and other education officials visited the Hindsbury Primary School, Harmony Hall, St Michael. On the menu there was salt fish rice, salad and an apple. (RA)


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