Marine alerts for Barbados

A small-craft warning and high-surf advisory are in effect for Barbados for above normal swell heights.

A small-craft warning is issued in this case when sustained winds of 25 to 33 knots are forecast to affect the marine area within the next 36 hours.

A high-surf advisory is issued when breaking wave action poses a threat or is forecast to pose a threat to life and property within the surf zone within the next 48 hours.

As the tropical wave approaches the island tonight, an increase in surface wind speeds up to 25 to 30 knots is forecast into Wednesday. A deterioration of sea conditions will accompany these stronger winds and as a result, moderate to rough swells in open water between 2m to 3m (7 to 10ft) are predicted mainly along the eastern, northeastern, and southeastern coastlines of the marine area.

All marine craft operators and beachgoers should note the following possibilities along the coast and near-shore of this zone, due to the imminent marine threat.

This alert is valid from noon to 6 p.m.  (PR/SAT)


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