Let’s clean up for World Cup

LAST WEEK I spoke about the sad look of Fontabelle, St Michael.

The week before that,  I highlighted a sorry, “pop down”-looking Bridgetown which is in dire need  of a makeover.

My submissions were all in the context of the upcoming International Cricket Council T20 World Cup slated for June, with Barbados also hosting  the final.

It is important because all eyes will not only be on the field at the cricketing mecca Kensington Oval, but also on our country as a whole. We, therefore, need to put on a good face to the world. That means we need to start ASAP (as soon as possible) because we have our work cut out.

I am by no means advocating that these improvements and changes only be made for the World Cup, but truth is, it seems we needed to have a reason to get moving, and here it is.

That said, we really should be making these improvements for ourselves and our country and not for anyone or anything else. But, here we are.

I heard last week on one of the Down To Brass Tacks programmes, moderator David Ellis dealing with the issue of vendors and their temporary relocation.

Those at Cheapside heard they were moving, but City Manager Neval Greenidge confirmed on the programme that his knowledge at the time was that the vendors moving would be from Temple Yard. He said the general upgrade of Bridgetown was a continuous one.

Greenidge spoke of having to deal with garbage collection in The City, the homeless who frequent some areas and the dirty conditions of some parts of Bridgetown, with individuals defecating even in plant pots.

Let me also say that while officials are paying close attention to the areas that tourists will traverse on foot or by vehicle as they make their way to the Oval, attention should also be paid to Lower Bay Street. A colleague mentioned this as an area that needs urgent attention.

After all, many visitors will travel this route and, therefore, anything that can be done to improve the look would no doubt be welcomed.

It is interesting to note that it is sometimes only when we know guests are coming that we don’t only see the mess around our homes or surroundings, but we also hurry to clean up before they arrive.

It’s time to clean up our mess!

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