Julie pays homage to those alive

The unprecedented move by Bishop Joseph Atherley to cross the floor of Parliament back in 2018 to be leader of the opposition has made its way to calypso.

In the song Joe Atherley penned by Mighty Gabby and arranged and produced by Richard Bourne of Air Bourne Studios, calypsonian Julie tells the story of the former member of Parliament for St Michael West’s “historic move” and some of the ensuing criticism.

“I thought it was important to highlight a brave and bold move that has never been done by any politician before. I think Joe Atherley needs to be commended for that brave and bold move he made back in 2018 and also with the general elections held a couple months ago (January 2022).

“The song was written back in 2019 and I did show it to him then but the song I did about Sir Don took preference because I was paying tribute to him because he passed away. I went back to him [Atherley], showed him the lyrics, sent him the song and he was very pleased that I took the time out to be able to pay homage to him,” she said.

Julie reminded that she has a tribute song to Irvin Burgie who wrote the lyrics of Barbados’ National Anthem, and another one called Aunty Mia about Prime Minister Mia Mottley, which came out about four years ago.

Is it important to her as an artiste to pay tribute when people are alive to hear?

“Of course, it is, because too many times we wait until they pass and give all these congratulatory [messages/tributes] when we could have done it while they were still here. There’s nothing wrong with doing it after, don’t get me wrong, but to me it’s more important to do it while they can see or hear what we’re doing,” she stated.

Julie is also the manager of Carter’s Shining Stars calypso tent. (GBM)

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