Jobless man’s 8-day crime spree

Within an eight-day period, Allan DeCurtis Junior Crichlow broke into four business places and stole almost $5 000.

After the unemployed 46-year-old pleaded guilty to four theft offences in the District “A” Magistrates Court yesterday, he was sentenced to a total of 36 months in jail, but will serve 18.

Between April 20 and 22, Crichlow, of no fixed place of abode, entered the Lotto booth owned by Tyrone Maycock and stole $2 782 belonging to T&E Maycock Inc. Between 25 and 26 April, he entered Merle’s Legacy as a trespasser and stole $2 000 belonging to the Barbados Lottery.

A day later Crichlow entered the Lotto booth owned by Maycock as a trespasser, with intent to commit theft. Lastly, he entered the Dr Donuts Stall as a trespasser and stole 90 juices valued at $202.05,
along with $105.

In each case, the businessperson secured the property after work and returned to find it had been broken into and money missing.

No cash was recovered, prosecutor Sergeant Randolph Boyce told the court. He added that Crichlow had
16 previous convictions, with 15 under the Theft Act. The last one was late 2022 when he was sentenced to six months.

“Your Honour, I got a serious problem . . . . I find it very difficult to obtain the correct help that I need. I would like, Your Honour, to obtain some help, please. I have a serious cocaine addiction,” the thief said.

He added that he went to the rehabilitation centre Verdun House on his own.

“And what happened?” asked Chief Magistrate Ian Weekes.

“Due to certain circumstances, I did not complete,” Crichlow responded. Questioned further, he admitted he was involved in an altercation with another resident.

“So you went to Verdun House and mash up (that opportunity). Where you expect me to send you for help now? I suppose to do like Cow Williams and move the earth to please?” the Chief Magistrate asked. “You were in the best place to get help. Follow the people’s rules!”

Crichlow was sentenced to 12 months in prison on the first count and six months on the second, to run consecutively. The third and fourth counts received 12 and six months respectively, but those will run concurrently. (SD)

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