Independent Senators sworn in

Former Opposition Senator Crystal Drakes has been returned to the Upper House, but this time to serve in the capacity as an independent Senator selected by The Most Honourable Dame Sandra Mason, President of Barbados.

Drakes is one of two changes from the 2018 allotment of seven senators by the President, then Governor General, with the second being businessman Andrew Mallalieu. The five returning independent Senators are: Kevin Boyce, Dr Christopher Maynard, Lindell Nurse, Reverend Dr John Rogers and Queen’s Counsel Monique Taitt.

Addressing the Senators immediately after the swearing-in ceremony today at State House, Dame Sandra impressed upon those chosen the importance of staying true to the precepts of being an Independent legislator.

“I want to say a sincere thank you to the ones who are returning, for again agreeing to give Barbados the valiant service that you have given for the past three years or so. I expect that you would continue in the mode in which you have fashioned being an independent Senator for the past few years.

“To the two new Senators, I want you to fully understand what independence means, not only in reference to independent Barbados, but independence in giving of service to Barbados,” said Dame Sandra.

The President added: “I do not know what political party to which you belong or for which you voted, but I want to get your full acceptance and understanding that you are serving the people of Barbados and you would do that in a real independent fashion.

“I do not want to have anybody who is going to feel that their independence is going to be in anyway tarnished, although I don’t expect that it will be.” (CLM)

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