How we treat animals a reflection of society


How much longer?

What else will it take for our country to address the suffering and killing of our dogs?

I am tired and fed up. Those who work in animal shelters and volunteer tirelessly to rescue our four-legged friends face immense despair every day.

Do people in power not understand that our treatment of animals reflects the success and morality of our nation?

We’ve highlighted animal cruelty, yet we continue to ignore the increasing number of stray dogs, even as we prepare for major events like the Men’s T20 World Cup.

Tourists won’t ignore this issue. They come from places where animals are treated humanely.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is overwhelmed with abandoned pets, and shelters are full.

This isn’t about being an animal lover; it’s about basic kindness.

Karen Whittaker and others are working tirelessly, but the problem persists. Packs of dogs roam, posing dangers to themselves and others.

The solution isn’t easy, but it starts with responsible ownership and education.

The recent tragic incident involving the dog “Philip” underscores the urgency of action.

It’s time for everyone to take responsibility.

See today’s midweek edition of On Point for the full article and read what Karen Whittaker told Carol Martindale during their interview.

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