How to Cook Like A Vegan in the works

The production of How To Cook Like A Vegan is underway.

This multi-media cooking series is an extension of the award winning Better Health Magazine and another instalment in a suite of new initiatives from The Nation Publishing Ltd.

The series, hosted by chef Rosy Rong, explores plant based alternatives to popular meals and beverages. Each episode explores new ways to make culinary favourites with an emphasis on ease of preparation and availability of ingredients.

How To Cook Like A Vegan comes on the heels of hit series How to Cook like A Bajan which averaged a weekly audience of 60 000 viewers across the Nation’s digital channels.

Speaking about her involvement in the series, Rong shared that within the last two years there has been a sharp increase in the number of people seeking plant based alternatives, either for dietary or ethical reasons.

“People are seeking to bring balance to their diet by actively transitioning to more plant based, nutrient rich foods into their meals. The ongoing pandemic has brought into sharp focus just how important diet and lifestyle choices are. We want what’s good for the body, mind and the environment. ”

Leading the project is The Nation’s, Business Development Manager, Kelly Johnally, who said:

“Overall, good health remains a central focus for our readers. We’ve seen this through the engagement of our health related news content and high demand of the Better Health Magazine. As the leading media house, we are committed to producing content that supports wellness. We are also excited to present another medium that allows our partners to form a meaningful, year-round relationship with consumers at a time when their interest in food, health and online content, is at a high.”

Details on the launch of  To Cook Like A Vegan will be shared on all the Nation’s platforms and The Better Health Magazine in coming days. (PR)


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