House passes resolution on land at Worthing

The House of Assembly yesterday passed a resolution to vest 18 909 square metres of land at Worthing, Christ Church in the National Housing Corporation to facilitate access to security of tenure for people who have occupied those Crown lands for many years.

The area comprises 22 tenanted lots on the seaside, between the Graeme Hall Swamp’s sluice gate and the Sands Hotel.

The resolution was introduced by Dr William Duguid, Senior Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, with specific responsibilities for coordinating all infrastructural projects.

The former Minister of Housing, Lands and Maintenance  was standing in at today’s sitting for his successor Dwight Sutherland who was absent, and he explained to the House the  matter at hand  had been initiated by him in his former capacity.

Duguid said the lands in question were formerly a part of the  Graeme Hall Estate, owned and managed by the State, and had been tenanted by people who had erected small Bay Houses and residences.

“What has happened is that over time people who would have put small Bay Houses and residences have passed on and they do not have any security of tenure to be able to pass to their heirs and successors,” Duguid explained

He indicated that through the resolution, vesting of the land in the National Housing Corporation would mean the tenants “who are currently in good standing” would be able to have their situation regularised “so that they will be able to access loans, improve their properties and make the whole area a much improved and a much better property”. (GC)

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