Haitian government condemns latest round of murders

Port au Prince –Prime Minister Dr Ariel Henry condemned what he termed the “heinous crimes” taking place in the French-speaking Caricom country, as Haitians took to the streets on Monday urging the government to do more to secure their security and social well-being.

In the latest incident, three women – a mother and her two daughters – were killed after they were caught in a shootout between rival gangs from Cité Doudoune.

Reports indicated that their vehicle was riddled with bullets near the Rivière Grise Bridge in Tabarre in the commune of Croix-des-Bouquets, with the bandits later setting fire to the vehicles with the bodies of the women inside.

The authorities also reported that three taxi-motorcycle drivers and two residents were also killed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“I am revolted by the news of the assassination of several compatriots by armed bandits operating in Tabarre,” Henry said.

“The government strongly condemns this heinous crime, while extending its sympathy to the relatives and friends of the victims. On behalf of the government, I renew my firm determination to relentlessly combat insecurity. I instruct the police to continue the clubbing of the bandits in order to put them out of harm’s way.”

Minister of the Interior and Territorial Communities, Liszt Quitel said he was stunned by the horror and violence of the crimes perpetrated particularly over the past weekend.

“The ministry also remains concerned about the nuisance caused by armed groups, organised as real looters and highwaymen on the RN2, the RN1, at Canaan and Trou Sable on the RN3,” he said.

“Many citizens were blocked for hours during the day… while trucks of goods and building materials have been the prey to these outlaws until the intervention of the security forces.”

Quitel said several other users were also targeted, including Kesnel Normil, the Acting Principal Mayor of Petion-ville whose vehicle came under fire at Canaan.

“The minister presents his deepest sympathy to the parents, relatives, and friends of those who died in this massacre perpetrated by armed bandits in Tabarre,” a statement said. “It also expresses its solidarity with the victims of the attacks on the public highway.”


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