Gunmen warned: Bring $15 000

Gunmen who plan to plead guilty to illegal possession are being forewarned – come with no less than $15 000 or face prison.

This warning has come from Justice Carlisle Greaves as gunman Jason Leon Renaldo Knight turned up empty-handed and was later jailed after he failed to pay a forthwith fine imposed by the No. 3 Supreme Court.

“Do not enter any guilty plea in this court to a firearm knowing that when the day of sentencing comes, you are going to tell the court you have no money. Bring at least $15 000,” the judge said.

“The public’s confidence has to be maintained, especially when it comes to firearms. They must never perceive that these courts are soft on firearms. Those who will engage in the possession and the use and so on of firearms will get the wrong message if these courts treat firearm cases in the manner in which you suggest,” he said to Knight’s counsel Simon Clarke.  (HLE)

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