Green Nation launched

In response to growing environmental concerns including climate change and energy efficiency, the Nation Publishing Company Limited along with its partners SOL, Jose & Jose Group of Companies and The Ministry of Environment launched, Green Nation.

Under the theme, Our Environment, Our Responsibility, the campaign’s primary goal is to foster a sense of responsibility for the environment by providing Barbadians with information, tools and resources that support a clean, energy efficient country while simultaneously building sustainable blue and green economies.

Project Champion, Advertising Sales Executive, Debbie Brathwaite explained, “Over the years The Nation has spearheaded public initiatives that educate and improve the lives of Barbadians. When we considered the global environmental crises and the local implications, we reached out to our partners to develop a campaign that demonstrates how changes in individual behaviour can preserve our environment.”

Core themes of the campaign include renewable energy, recycling, waste management and the green and blue economies. Along with actionable steps published across the print and digital platforms of The Nation, the Green Nation campaign comprises a series of public events including the distribution of food plants, a townhall meeting, school activities and national clean-ups. Additionally The Nation will host temporary recycling facilities for the disposal of newsprint.

  Through this multi-media campaign, readers will receive content that is engaging, informative and entertaining. Kelly Johnally, Business Development Manager at The Nation shared “There will be plenty of ways for the public to become involved in the Green Nation project and we look forward to engaging them in the coming weeks. Whether online, through our newspapers or the various events, we want Barbadians to adapt their behaviour so that we can all benefit from a healthy environment.” (PR)


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