George: Monkeypox case closed

Barbados’ first case of monkeypox has been closed.

Chief Medical Officer The Most Honourable Dr Kenneth George gave an update on the virus yesterday, informing the media that the lone case did not lead to any more challenges for public health authorities.

Speaking after a workshop organised by the Pan American Health Organisation at the Savannah Hotel, George said Barbados was also perfectly placed to deal with the virus should any more cases materialise.

“We had one single case. We do not have any further cases that have been imported or that were a result of that first index case. We did a bit of training at our ports of entry knowing that that is not the only solution. Our medical officers of health in polyclinics and BAMP (Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners) have also done some work in letting people know the threat of monkeypox is real,” he noted.

“Anyone presenting with a rash needs to seek medical attention urgently,” he warned, stressing that Barbados was taking the threat of monkeypox seriously.  (BA)

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