Four years for indecent assault

The St. Lucian national who “failed miserably” at protecting a five-year-old girl when he indecently assaulted her was sentenced to four years when he reappeared in the No. 5 Supreme Court yesterday. However, after deductions, he was deemed to have served his time and was handed over to waiting immigration officials.

The 26-year-old man, who was living in the same building as the girl and her family, had initially pleaded not guilty to indecently assaulting the then five year-old on November 7, 2020. However, he later changed his plea, confessed to the offence and a formal guilty verdict was entered in the trial.

He was represented by attorneys Simon Clarke, Faith Greaves and Ken Mason, while Principal State Counsel Krystal Delaney and State Counsel Tito Holder appeared for the prosecution.

Justice Pamela Beckles, who presided, said she had determined that five years was the appropriate starting point for the offence.(HLE)


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