Fogging Schedule March 18 to 22

The Vector Control Unit of the Ministry of Health and Wellness will take the fight against mosquito-borne illnesses to three parishes this week – St Lucy, St Peter, and St James.

The team will fog districts in St Lucy on Monday, March 18, including Crab Hill No. 2, Content, Long Gap, Coles Cave Road, Grape Hall, Archers Bay, and Salmond.

The following day, Tuesday, March 19, they will return to that parish and visit Durham, Mount View Road, Rock Hall Road, Jemmotts, Mount Gay, Alexandra, Josey Hill, Nestfield, and Pickerings.

The Unit will then take its mosquito eradication efforts to St Peter, on Wednesday, March 20, when Graveyard, Date Tree Hill, Boscobel, Collins, Diamond Corner, Moore Hill, Castle, Gays, and surrounding areas will be sprayed.

On Thursday, March 21, and Friday, March 22, St James will be targeted. On Thursday, the team will go into Upper Mount Standfast, Weston, Taylor Gap, Fox Club Road, Reid Gap, Pineapple Avenue, Prescod Road, Husband Road, The Garden, and Store House Road.

The fogging exercise for the week will conclude on Friday, in the following communities: Store House Road, Haynes View Close, Patanne Gardens, Willow Heights Drive, Pavilion Grove, Glitter Bay Terrace, Ince Walk, Mango Drive, Heron Court, Trent’s Tenantry, and Jamestown Park.

Fogging takes place from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. daily. Householders are reminded to open their windows and doors to allow the spray to enter. Children should not be allowed to play in the fog.

Members of the public are advised that the completion of scheduled fogging activities may be affected by events beyond the Unit’s control. In such circumstances, the Unit will return to communities affected in the soonest possible time. (BGIS)

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