‘Family key to development’

The family unit is integral to Barbadian society, and outgoing vice president of the Parent Education for Development in Barbados (PAREDOS) Sheila Stuart says more emphasis needs to be placed on policies to enhance and promote stronger family units.

“The family unit plays a critical role in national development and in the achievement of sustainable development. Family policies are but one of the critical ways in which Governments and other key institutions can influence the standard of living for future generations,” she said.

Stuart was speaking during PAREDOS’ Annual general meeting (AGM) on Saturday at Accra Beach Hotel, Hastings, Christ Church. The last AGM was held in 2019. They also are celebrating their 50th anniversary.

She said Barbadians were currently living in turbulent times, with 26 murders recorded from February to August 2022, and that solutions needed to be found to promote strong family units.

“We’re currently living in turbulent times in Barbados, with a torrent of emerging issues facing us on a daily basis and we’re continually challenged to find creative ways in addressing some of the issues facing the nation and the region. Solutions need to be found and some of these solutions can be found in the promotion of strong family units.  (RA)

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